Breaking the Language Barrier
Breaking the Language Barrier

Breaking the Language Barrier

As a relatively new partner for the past 2 years, a specialist pump parts trading company in Germany has been making strong progress in successfully distributing Vulcan Mechanical Seals, Encapsulated ‘O’-Rings and Gland Packing within their target market. Part of this success lies in the continual delivery of Vulcan’s promised product quality, range, service and value.

In early 2016 Vulcan product brochures became available in German, Spanish and French. Consulting product brochures in their native language made an immediate impact for the German company, giving them full confidence in the Vulcan products they had not purchased before due to the language barrier.

Within 3 months of receiving the translated brochures, their purchases with us grew by 53% from the year before, which in turn significantly increased the product range and service they could offer to their customers, with scope to expand this even further throughout 2017.

Vulcan continuously strives to maintain and improve its proven product quality and service.

We have recently increased the multilingual personnel within our sales teams to cover more languages, including German, Spanish, French and Italian, to help ensure we are delivering the best service to our distributors where English is not the first language.

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