FEP Encapsulated Kamlock™ Gasket Seals
FEP Encapsulated Kamlock™ Gasket Seals

Kamlock - Cross Section Diagram



  • Universal hose coupling seal
  • FEP encapsulation
  • Silicone or Viton® inner core
  • Extreme chemical resistance
  • Wide temperature range
  • Non-contaminating
  • Large range of sizes




  • No need to specify different elastomer materials for different applications
  • Leak-free performance: low compression set and elastomer core energiser avoids cold flow leakage
  • Easy installation and maintenance due to the non-stick surface with low coefficient of friction
  • Sanitary, sterilisable and FDA / EC specification compliant encapsulation
  • Superior seal for bulk liquid transfer couplings in manufacturing, distribution or storage
  • Elimination of coupling leakage from chemical attack or creep issues, unlike traditional solid PTFE gaskets



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