Introducing Type 57G Cartridge Seal for Goulds® 3196 Pumps
Type 57G Cartridge Seal for Goulds® 3196 Pumps

Type 57G Large Gland Seal for Goulds® 3196 ANSI MTX Pumps

Vuclan is pleased to announce an addition to our well-proven Cartridge Seal designs with the introduction of a seal designed exclusively to suit Goulds® 3196 ANSI MTX Process Centrifugal Pumps.

Adapted from the proven design Type 56B, the Type 57G Large Gland Seal has been adapted to take advantage of the big bore radial clearance that the pump provides.

This enlarged clearance between the seal chamber and seal provides improved liquid circulation to and from the sealing faces for better heat removal. As a result, the service lifetime of the seal and pump uptime is greatly extended.


All key feature benefits of the Type 56B are also found in the Type 57G:

  • 4-Bolt Gland design
  • Tangential Flush, Quench and Drain connections as standard
  • Self-Aligning Stationary Seal Face
  • Easy installation - no setting clips to remove
  • Hydraulically balanced face
  • Minimal internal and external protrusion
  • Non-clogging seal faces and springs
  • Non-shaft fretting
  • Carbon vs Silicon Carbide seal faces providing 3x higher PV values compared to Carbon vs Ceramic


A plain gland version (no Flush, Quench and Drain ports) of the Type 57G is also available as the Type 53G.

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