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Vulcan Mechanical Seals - American Coding System

While Vulcan operates its own global Mechanical Seal coding system, we also incorporate common American coding systems for all standard American Mechanical Seals to ensure we maintain the simplicity of business.

For order enquiries, simply advise of your requirements using common American part and material codes.

Our seal numbers follow the standard “PS” American coding system format, as is common in the North American market, except a "VS" prefix is used instead (e.g. VS185 = PS185).

Please use the document downloads, tables and diagrams on this page for guidance.

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Full details are within our American Mechanical Seals Brochure - download here (13 MB).

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American Mechanical Seal Material Codes

Elastomers Primary Ring Metal Parts Mating Ring Springs
B. Buna (Nitrile) A. Bronze D. Brass A. Bronze F. Stainless Steel
N. Neoprene C. Carbon E. Monel® G. Cast Iron E. Monel®
Q. EPR H. Glass Filled P.T.F.E F. Stainless Steel J. Ceramic P. Plated Steel
T. P.T.F.E L. Silicon Carbide P. Plated Steel K. Ni-Resist
V. Viton® M. Molded Plastic L. Silicon Carbide
X. Aflas® R. Silicon Carbide (CVR) O. Stellite®
Y. Kalrez® S. Tooled Steel S. Tooled Steel
Z. Tungsten Carbide Z. Tungsten Carbide

OEM Replacement Mechanical Seals

Vulcan also manufactures and supplies an extensively comprehensive range of OEM replacement Mechanical Seals.

For more details, please visit our OEM Replacement Seals page

Below are only a few of the key OEM companies in the North American market that we supply high-quality replacement Mechanical Seals for.

  • A.B.S.®
  • Alfa Laval®
  • Bell & Gossett®
  • Ebara®
  • Fairbanks Morse®
  • Flowserve®
  • Flygt®
  • Fristam®
  • Gorman-Rupp®
  • Goulds Pumps®
  • Grundfos®
  • K.S.B.®
  • Lowara®
  • Peerless Pump®
  • Taco®
  • Paco®


Standard Mechanical Seal Head Types


Head Style A
Type 65

US Seal® Type A
Pac Seal® Type 16
John Crane® Type 6
Apex® Type 6

Head Style B
Type 75

US Seal® Type B
Pac Seal® Type 68
John Crane® Type 6A
Apex® Type 6A

Head Style C - Inserted Face
Type U11

US Seal® Type C
John Crane® Type 21
Apex® Type A21

Head Style C - Crimped Face
Type N11

US Seal® Type E
Pac Seal® Type 51
John Crane® USA Type 1
Apex® Type A1

Head Style D
Type A4

US Seal® Type D
John Crane® USA Type 2
Apex® Type A2

Head Style E
Type A5

US Seal® Type E
Pac Seal® Type 51
John Crane® USA Type 1
Apex® Type A1

Head Style G
Type 14 / 15 / 19

US Seal® Type G
John Crane® Type 2100
Burgmann® Type MG1

Head Style H
Type 18

US Seal® Type VGMA
Pac Seal® Type 17 or 118

Head Style I
Type 1724

US Seal® Type I
John Crane® Type 502
Pac Seal® Type 250

Head Style J
Type 8

US Seal® Type VGME-2 / VGME-3
Pac Seal® Type 37
Burgmann® Type M32N

Head Style K
Type 112

US Seal® Type K
John Crane® Type 21 Double
Pac Seal® Type 21D

Head Style Q
Type 282

US Seal® Type Q
John Crane® Type 11A
Pac Seal® Type 40

Head Style R
Type A42

US Seal® Type R
John Crane® Type 2 Double

Head Style T
Type A52

US Seal® Type T
John Crane® Type 1 Double
Pac Seal® Type 51D

Head Style U
Type A1

US Seal® Type U
John Crane® UK Type 1
Pac Seal® Type 300

Head Style W
Type 1609 / 1645

US Seal® Type W & WT
Pac Seal® Type 9
John Crane® Type 9 & 9T
Apex® Type A9T

Head Style X
Type 1609S /1645S

US Seal® Type X & XT
Pac Seal® Type 8
John Crane® Type 8-1 & 8-1T
Apex® Type A8T

Head Style Y
Type 1677

Burgmann® Type M7N
Apex® Type AM7N
Pac Seal® Type 167


Standard Mechanical Seal Stationary Ring Types


Stationary Style 1
Type 11

US Seal® Type 1 / 2
John Crane® Type N
Pac Seal® Type 1
Apex® Type Cup Mount

Stationary Style 3
Type 31

US Seal® Type 3
John Crane® Type W
Pac Seal® Type 2
Apex® ‘O’-Ring Groove

Stationary Style 5
Type 32

US Seal® Type 5
John Crane® Type P
Pac Seal® Type 3P

Stationary Style 9
Type 73

US Seal® Type 8 & 9
Pac Seal® Type 9

Stationary Style 10
Type 8DINL

US Seal® Type VGSG9
Burgmann® Type G9
Pac Seal® Type G9

Stationary Style 11
Type 8DINS

US Seal® Type VGSG6
Burgmann® Type G6
Pac Seal® Type G6

Stationary Style 12
Type 19B

US Seal® Type VGM-G60
Burgmann® Type G60
Pac Seal® Type B9
Apex® Type G60

Stationary Style 25
Type 23

US Seal® Type 25
John Crane® Type A
Pac Seal® Type 5A

Stationary Style 27
Type 25

US Seal® Type 27
John Crane® Type V
Pac Seal® Type 5V


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