Stationary Mechanical Seals

Long 'O'-Ring Mounted Stationary Mechanical Seals

Type 8 DINL

Long 'O'-Ring Mounted Stationary Mechanical Seals

Type 8DINL Stationary Mechanical Seal

‘O’-Ring mounted stationary seal designed with anti-rotation pin slot, to suit DIN housing sizes.

Supplied as standard with complete assembly types 8DIN / 82 / 1677 / 1677M / 1678, and commonly specified for supply with bellow rotary seal type 19 by addition of an “L” to the end of the seal type e.g. 19L.

Also available in short-style without anti-rotation provision as a type 8DINS.

Standard Material Options:

Seal Face: Ceramic, Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide, Sintered Silicon Carbide

Elastomer: Viton™, Nitrile, EP

Other material options are available, please enquire using contact form.

Vulcan stationary seals are designed with maximum interchangeability for use with as many rotary seal options as possible. To ensure your sealing faces track correctly, please contact us to check compatibility for any rotary and stationary combinations not listed.
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