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Vulcan Seal ID Tool

Seal Identification Tool

About the Vulcan Seal ID Tool

Vulcan Seal Identification Tool

Designed to help you visually identify a physical mechanical seal sample without any advanced knowledge.

It works by selecting the key design features highlighted in red and then narrowing down the selection.

Although we cannot guarantee that the tool will always find you the correct seal, you can always send us an enquiry with this form, giving as much detail as possible, and we will respond as soon as we can.

  • Identify a mechanical seal sample without using your Vulcan Seals brochure
  • Find a replacement/equivalent seal using the categories and images
  • Show customers the full Vulcan Mechanical Seal range
  • Check dimensional details for each type
  • Please click the link above to find out more

Use the tool now: id.vulcan-eng.com

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