Apprenticeship Success - Sam Johnson - Vulcan Seals
Apprenticeship Success - Sam Johnson
Apprenticeship Success - Sam Johnson (253)

Updated: March 2022

Congratulations to Sam Johnson

Many congratulations to Sam on achieving his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering!

Sam is one of Vulcan Seals’ Product Design Engineers, specialised in our vast range of component Mechanical Seals.

Since joining us in 2015 through our apprenticeship programme, Sam has become an invaluable member of our Technical team through his hard work and studies.

Find out the top 3 things Sam found most valuable in the programme and our support for his personal development:


Technical Guidance

“The guidance and knowledge that I received from more experienced members of staff when writing my dissertation was invaluable. It allowed me to fully understand how the product being investigated was used, which in turn meant that I could speak about the experiments in greater detail.”


Study Support

“University study leave one day per week meant that I was able to properly study whilst I was working and therefore complete my degree to the best of my ability without hindrance. The one day per week was never compromised."


Challenging Projects

“Undertaking more complex and challenging projects as I progressed ensured that I continued my personal development. I was challenged every day to contribute towards value-adding activities. Whilst learning a broad range of engineering knowledge at university, my professional skills were honed by being able to relate that knowledge to real life scenarios.”


Personal Development

Here at Vulcan Seals, we understand the importance of personal development for all of our staff. It plays a critical role in the individual wellbeing of our employees but also for building and fulfilling the group’s future and vision.


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