Encapsulated 'O'-Rings for Filtration Applications
Encapsulated 'O'-Rings for Filtration Applications
Vulcan Seals Encapsulated 'O'-Ring Seals for Filtration Applications

Vulcan Seals Advantages

Trusted supplier to the largest users in the filtration industry, Vulcan Seals offers the best service, quality and value.

  • Exceptional on-time delivery
  • Supply contracts for operational savings
  • Unrivalled quality assurance processes
  • Proven solutions for all filtration applications
  • High volume supplier to the industry
  • 24/7 customer Web Portal


Micro-vu Inspection

Bespoke Supply Agreements

Bespoke supply contracts are available for:

  • Exceptional high volume production pricing
  • Just-in-time, same-day batch quantity despatch
  • Maximising your supply chain reliability
  • Minimising your true supply cost

Filtration Applications

Any inner diameter size is available to fit your application

  • Cartridge filter applicators - FEP/PFA with Viton™
    or silicone core - most common sizes AS/BS 222/226
  • Stainless steel filter housings - FEP/PFA with Viton™
    or silicone core - most common sizes AS/BS 334/435

Bespoke and Highly Accurate Inspection Capability

Significant investments into bespoke, state-of-the-art technology allows us to visually inspect and measure large numbers of Encapsulated Seals at once with CMM accuracy to 3μm. Proactively used across our products and capable of delivering customer-specific demands.

Providing a unique customer service with highly reliable product quality data, while maintaining the shortest lead time in the market.

Complete Batch Traceability

All Encapsulated Seals have a guaranteed, electronically controlled traceability footprint from the original material and production batch data, through all stages of inspection, stocking, picking and despatch.

Providing complete peace of mind to your supply chain that products meet all required specifications.

24/7 Customer Web Portal

Check the status of your supply contract orders anywhere, anytime. Real-time stock information and order tracking to ensure on-time delivery.

  • Real-time order, pricing and stock information
  • Order status tracking
  • Technical product library

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We can meet any of your Encapsulated 'O'-Ring requirements for filtration applications.

Guaranteed best service, quality and value


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