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PFA Encapsulated Platen Seals
Vulcan Seals PFA Encapsulated Platen Seals for Bulk Melter Adhesives Applications

Bulk Melter Sealing Solutions

Platen seals are critical to bulk melter systems. The PFA encapsulation withstands the high temperatures required to melt solid adhesives, while the silicone core provides elastomeric resistance to allow the flow of media without leakage.

Vulcan Seals platen seals are manufactured and inspected to the highest quality standards to provide maximum sealing performance and reliability.

Complete Quality Assurance

  • Electronically driven quality assurance and control
  • Bespoke and high accuracy inspection technology
  • Complete batch traceability
  • Comprehensive inspection reports available

Vulcan Seals Advantages

  • Custom core colour and printing capabilities
  • Industry-leading product development and inspection technology
  • Value and efficiency added to your supply chain
  • On-time delivery through customised supply and stocking contracts
  • Trusted key supplier to the Bulk Melter industry
  • 24/7 personalised stock management Web Portal


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Product Information

PFA Encapsulated Platen Seals
Encapsulation PFA - perfluoroalkoxy alkanes (transparent)
Core Silicone (red)



25.40mm / 1"

31.75mm / 1.25"



-60°C to 260°C (short durations: 300°C)
Hardness 85 to 90 Shore A


Encapsulation - PFA
Tensile strength 35 MPa
Elongation at

Specific gravity


Melting point

Melting index 2.00 g/10min


Core - Silicone
Hardness 70 (±5) Shore A
Tensile strength 7 MPa

Elongation at


Compression set

21% - 37%
Density 1.19 g/cm³
Tear strength 25 N/mm



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