Supply and use of PFAS in Vulcan products
Supply and use of PFAS in Vulcan products

Supply and use of PFAS in Vulcan products

Increasing global focus and concern surrounding the use of PFAS' has led to some manufacturers seeking alternatives. In simple terms, these 'forever chemicals' are recognised as delivering superior properties for preventing chemical environmental leakage and delivering high purity contract surfaces in critical industries and applications for the sealing industry, but are contentious due to the potential human health and environmental risks.  PFAS' are necessary for some materials used by Vulcan to manufacture and supply superior quality mechanical and encapsulated seals, which remains a high priority for Vulcan.  

For clarity, the following Vulcan products utilise materials that fall under the classification of PFAS':

  • Encapsulated Seals - encapsulation fluoroplastics (FEP, PFA) and fluoropolymers (Viton/FKM). 
  • Mechanical Seals -  fluoropolymer moulded components (Viton/FKM, Aflas), PTFE machined components.

Industry consultation is ongoing, but until a viable worldwide alternative to PFAS' is found, they will remain a vital element in global manufacturing applications. However we expect the global focus will result in legislative application use control to prevent usage where benefit is non critical, and in manufacturing and handling standards. 

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