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Type 16 Plus for APV® W+ Series Centrifugal Pumps
Type 16 Plus for APV® W+ Series Centrifugal Pumps

Replacement Mechanical Seals for APV® Pumps

Vulcan Seals designs, manufactures and supplies quality Mechanical Seal replacements and repair kits to suit a wide range of APV® pump series, including W, W+, Puma®, ZM, Cleanline®, DW and more.


Type 16 Plus Face Sets and Coil Units

The Vulcan Seals Type 16 Plus face set is designed to suit APV® W+ series centrifugal pumps and is available for 25mm and 35mm shaft sizes.

To save time and costs, the static coil unit can also be ordered as a separate part along with the face set.

Type 16 Plus Face Set
(Product code: 16.PLUS)
1 x Silicon Carbide “short” rotary face
1 x Carbon or Silicon Carbide “long” stationary face with 4 drive slots
2 x Elastomer 'O'-Rings
1 x Drive pin to drive the rotary face

Type 16 Plus Static Coil Unit
(Product code: XXXX.16.PLUS.KIT)
1 x static coil unit with PTFE sleeve (FDA grade materials, as standard)


Type 16 Plus Repair Kits

Vulcan Seals also stocks a wide range of repair kits for the APV® W+ series pumps, directly replacing OEM kits with improved resealable tube packaging. To identify the kit required, simply provide us with the OEM repair kit part number or search it within our Distributor Web Portal OEM database.

Please ensure when searching the database to use the appropriate spacing in the part number (e.g. L 808XXX, not L808XXX).

Type 16 PLUS Repair Kit*

1 x “short” rotary face
1 x “long” stationary face
1 x PTFE sleeve
Various elastomer ‘O’-Rings for the seal and shaft
1 x Elastomer cover ‘O’-Ring
*Number of components and face materials vary depending on specific kit required


Vulcan Seals OEM Replacement Mechanical Seals and Kits

Vulcan Seals manufactures replacement Mechanical Seals for a vast range of OEM pumps, including Flygt®, Alfa Laval®, Fristam®, Grundfos® and many more. For more details, please visit our OEM Replacement Seals page or enquire using the contact form on this page.

® All product names and brands used are for identification and reference purposes only, and do not imply endorsement.

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