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Vulcan Seals - Cartridge Seal Range

Vulcan Seals Multiple Spring Cartridge Seals

The Vulcan Seals Type 55B/52B/56B seal range provides a superior alternative when a no-nonsense, general purpose Cartridge Seal is required for an application. The range of options to suit your requirements are available from Vulcan's extensive stock, and are detailed as follows.

Type 55B: Dual Tangential Flush, 2 Bolt
Type 52B: Plain Gland, 4-Bolt
Type 56B: Flush / Quench / Drain Ports, 4-Bolt

  • Cartridge Mounted for Easy Installation
  • Hydraulically balanced seal
  • Self-aligning stationary faces
  • Multiple springs minimise clogging
  • Balanced seal, sleeve mounted, eliminates shaft fretting
  • Optimum performance and cost, general purpose Cartridge Seal

The Type 55B is a robust and cost effective 2-bolt Gland Mechanical Seal, utilised as a replacement for Gland Packing. It features minimal intrusion into the pump and easy installation on to existing follower bolts.

The Type 52B and 56B share the same installation details but differ in the internal features within the gland to provide cooling to the sealing faces. The Type 52B is suitable for simpler installations where no piping exists due typically to the seal chamber being constantly lubricated. The Type 56B is utilised for installations with NPT connector pipework or when the Mechanical Seal will not be constantly lubricated by the media in the seal chamber.

Together, the three types with their minimal dimensions, robust construction and range of ex-stock sealing material options will provide a cost-effective solution for applications where a Cartridge Seal is required, without compromising sealing performance.

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