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About Us 

“Embrace excellence – Vulcan Service, Quality and Value”

Vulcan Seals is dedicated to being the World’s best standard Mechanical and Encapsulated Seal manufacturer and supplier. 

From the beginning in 1986, Vulcan Seals has been built on foundations that allow us to deliver exceptional customer service to our partners.

From the creation of our business ethics policy, investment in our people, facilities, systems, customer Web Portal, manufacturing technology, and electronic logistics to the support supply of our continually expanding product range, the value of putting our customers first is at the forefront of our decision making. 

With production and service centres in Europe, Asia and America, and distribution partners in over 110 countries, we have the scope to support end-user demands globally.

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1986 - The Beginning

Gerry Quinn, a budding entrepreneur, had a flash of inspiration to establish his own company and develop products compatible with the niche market of Single Spring Mechanical Seals. The idea from the outset was to develop the “whole” package from initial product concept and design, to total in-house manufacture, storage and distribution. All of it was to be self-managed and controlled, and we continue in this way today.

1994 – Growth and Facility Development

Due to the growing success of Vulcan in 1994, we moved to our current head office located in the heart of Sheffield, UK. A modern building with five integrated floors housing the commercial offices, electronically controlled product warehouses and global distribution centre. 

1997 – Manufacturing Change

Opening of the first high-quality Vulcan manufacturing plant in Ningbo, China.  As a result of our success came the need to expand. Very rapidly a second plant was created and by 2006, we had five facilities. 

2007 – Manufacturing for the Future

The opening of the Vulcan super factory in Ningbo, China, encompassing 17,000 square metres which consolidated all other facilities into one new factory. With high-quality electronic manufacturing and inspection equipment, our facility has been ISO 9001 approved and is recognised within China as the largest exporter of Mechanical Seals, and as a worldwide leader in material manufacture. 

2010 – USA Facility

Vulcan Seals Inc. opened in Minneapolis, MN, to replicate the UK facility and support our growing demand in the North American market.


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