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Major brewery set to cut costs by 25% in Africa
Major global brewery cuts costs by 25% in Africa

Cost Cutting Solution

As part of a long term project, we worked closely with one of our key distributors in Africa to support their Mechanical Seal supply to one of the world’s largest breweries, servicing over 500 pumps, and set to save over 25% in purchasing and logistics costs.

Since 2017 we have helped our distributor identify supply opportunities at major breweries across Africa, including Uganda, Lesotho, Zambia and South Africa.

In 2018, a great opportunity was found with one of the world’s largest brewing companies, where their Mechanical Seal supply chain on the African continent was in need of improvement.

After several productive discussions, we supported our distributor in conducting extensive equipment surveys at 8 of the brewery’s sites in Africa, identifying over 500 pumps that require a Mechanical Seal.

The pump equipment ranged extensively from site maintenance pumps (e.g. boiler feed, flushing, cleaning) through to food and drink process pumps, such as APV® pumps used in soda water media and Alfa Laval® pumps for the movement of end product.

Using the pumps and equipment details, we cross-referenced all the OEM Mechanical Seals to provide a full list of equivalent Vulcan Seals part codes and quantities for each of the 8 sites. This included FDA specified compliant materials where required by the application.

This has enabled the brewing company to manage their purchasing through our distributor for multiple or all sites at a time. Previously, orders were placed individually for each site and with multiple suppliers. This single order and single supplier process is set to cut their purchasing and logistics costs by over 25%, as well as saving significant time and effort.

 Vulcan Seals Type 16 Plus for APV® Pumps and Type 92E for Alfa Laval® Pumps
Vulcan Seals Type 16 Plus for APV® Pumps (left) and Type 92E for Alfa Laval® Pumps (right)


 Steel tanks for storage and fermentation of beer
Steel tanks for storage and fermentation of beer


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