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Vulcan Seals bellows Mechanical Seal designs are highly recommended for all kinds of non-hygienic duties even containing solids, due to their ingenious robust, non-fretting, non-clogging, self-adjusting design and capable of accommodating seal face wear and shaft misalignment.  These design features and our proven design face width and loading standards, provide increased seal performance, capability and life.

These Mechanical Seal types are convenient to install and designed to be reliable in operation.  With a wide range of high-quality elastomers and seal faces to suit any application. 

The rotary has no loose parts and, rotary face can be removed if required.  The rotary face is resiliently mounted with no bonded joints and therefore will not sustain wear nor damage when in contact with hard face stationary material, such as silicon carbide.  The bellows have no moulded joints, so not subjected to torsional stresses.  The result is an easy fitting, bi-directional Mechanical Seal less prone to damage.

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