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Leisure Industry

Vulcan Seals design, manufacture and supply a substantial range of cost-effective and reliable water pump Mechanical Seals commonly utilised in high volume commercial, domestic and industrial water systems. These Mechanical Seal types generally serve applications such as: domestic and municipal swimming pools, spa pools, shower pumps, central heating systems, irrigation and light fluid duties.

With over twenty years of research and development in this field, Vulcan Seals has designed a wide range of high-quality elastomers and superior seal face materials. A combination of Carbon and Ceramic purity quality will increase reliability, capability, performance and life.  The Vulcan Seals water pump Mechanical seals are high quality, bi-directional, seal designs containing positively designed, material benefits and features. These proven, mass-produced Mechanical Seals, with their additional benefits and superior materials quality, result in an exceptional, cost-effective choice of Mechanical Seal.

We are World leading specialists in the design of this and all other types of shaft seals. All design aspects such as correct face loading, are to our highly exacting standards and have been included in our design to improve performance and ease the fitting process. The Vulcan seal has similar visual appearance to original parts, and fit directly into equipment using identical fitting procedure.

Vulcan Seals Unique Seal Identification Suite provides the user with a view of our complete range of Mechanical Seals with the capability to identify seals and their characteristics, as well as conversions from competitor’s product codes.

Vulcan Seals maintains stock levels of all common leisure pumps Mechanical Seals, allowing urgent or just in time deliveries any-where in the World. The range of available Mechanical Seals is growing each month to satisfy demand and to allow Vulcan distributors to supply as many customer requirements as possible.

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