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Marine Industry

A demanding industry and here at Vulcan Seals we appreciate the challenges this volatile marine environment can inflict upon machinery within vessels, either out at sea, or in the docks undergoing repair and vital maintenance.

Vulcan Seals have a long-established range of direct replacement Mechanical Seal designs to suit all types of pumps and compressors associated with the marine and shipping industries.  In all cases, the Vulcan Seals will resemble the original parts, while providing improved performance and quality benefits from our design and manufacturing policies. Vulcan seals fit directly into the original equipment without modification to either the pump, or the installation procedure.

Vulcan Type 9X - Improved Seal Performance by Design

The Vulcan Seals Type 9X Mechanical Seals as an example are robust, general purpose, parallel spring, pusher type Mechanical Seals, designed to suit standard metric and imperial housing dimensions, that are commonly found in the marine industry.  These are a direct replacement for John Crane®, Flexibox® Types R00, R10, R20 and R30 series, together with Pillar® US1, US2 and US3 series (CGU).

Featured below are the Standard 9X range, supplied with either solid or inserted rotary face, in a wide variety of face and elastomer materials.  All types provide a positive drive to the rotary face, by a heavy duty spring, which is supplied either with left or right-hand wound springs, depending on whether clockwise or anti-clockwise shaft rotation.

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