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Process Chemical

Chemical manufacturing being the process through which a chemical is synthesized from raw materials or other chemical feed stocks and with product formulation being the process by which chemical products composed of one or more ingredients is prepared according to the product formula presents a hazardous environment for all machinery and related components used throughout the process.

The Vulcan Mechanical Seal Range is divided into 4 main methods of shaft sealing

  • Rubber Diaphragm
  • Rubber Bellows,
  • ‘O’- Ring Mounted
  • PTFE Multiple Spring Wedge Mechanical Seals (specifically widely used in process chemical applications). 

These single spring Mechanical Seals have been designed to service the World pump market including Process Chemical and are totally interchangeable with all the other manufacturer’s equivalent Mechanical Seals, without any modification to the existing Mechanical Seal housings and gland plates.  Such is the variety available from Vulcan Seals; we can offer to replace any single spring Mechanical Seal and seat practically always from stock.

Specific Seals:

We also offer market equivalent OEM replacements seals and bespoke sealing requirements.

FEP/PFA Encapsulated 'O'-Rings and Seals

FEP Encapsulated ‘O’-Ring’s combine the benefits of a Viton™ or Silicone elastomeric rubber with the chemical resistance and mechanical properties of FEP/PFA polymer. The result being a chemically inert and sanitary assured ‘O’-Ring seal designed to overcome common sealing difficulties associated with:

Hostile Chemicals: Chemical attack and swelling being the primary cause of ‘O’-Ring failure.

Wide Temperature ranges: Even at -60°C to +260°C, Encapsulated ‘O'-Rings withstand the most volatile media.

In full we recognise the demands of hazardous and safety critical environments such as Process Chemical production and apply our skills, experience and expertise to provide products capable of meeting such challenges.


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