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Vulcan Seals has extensive experience of the specialised operating conditions inside HVAC equipment, and incorporate this experience in the materials and designs of the large range of direct replacement Mechanical Seals we offer for all kinds of refrigeration compressors and ancillary pumps.  In all cases the Vulcan Seals design Mechanical Seals will fit directly into the original equipment with no modification required.

Vulcan Seals offer direct replacement Mechanical Seals to all common industry OEMS including:

  • BOCK®
  • STAL®

The Vulcan Seal has similar visual appearance to original parts, and fits directly into equipment using identical fitting procedure. We can identify the correct Mechanical Seal required from equipment model number or seal part codes.

Vulcan Seals can offer direct equivalents on most of the more popular refrigeration Mechanical Seals and we can provide alternatives for most requirements, at truly competitive prices.

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