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Gland Packing

Glass Fibre Gland Packing

Type VG1D

Glass Fibre Gland Packing

Type VG1D Glass Fibre Gland Packing

Vulcan Type VG1D is square braided from continuous filament, texturized glass fibres reinforced with Inconel wire and impregnated yarn by yarn with pure Graphite powder and a corrosion inhibitor. 

Type VG1D Graphited Glass packing is designed as a substitute for classic Asbestos packing with high-temperature capability. The addition of Inconel wire reinforcement results in a true high-pressure and high-temperature traditional valve packing that has the advantage of being non-asbestos.

Type VG1D standard spool length is 8 metres. Custom lengths can be available - please contact us using the form.

Applications: General purpose, non-asbestos valve packing against steam, water, oils, air, alkali, mild acids and chemicals. Not suitable for very arduous conditions.


  • Impregnated Yarn by Yarn with pure Graphite powder and a corrosive inhibitor
  • Designed as a substitute to classic Asbestos Packing
  • High pressure and high temperature traditional valve packing

Operating Limits

  • Pressure Rating: 250 Bar
  • Rotary Speed: 1 m/s
  • Temperature: -100˚C to +550˚C
  • pH Range: 4 -11

Limits are for guidance only. Product performance is dependent on materials and other operating conditions.

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