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Gland Packing

Glass Fibre Gland Packing

Type VG8L/VG8D

Glass Fibre Gland Packing

Type VG8L Glass Fibre Gland Packing

Vulcan VG8L is inter-braided from continuous filament, textured, airblown glass yarns. The glass fibres are heavily lubricated and thoroughly impregnated with PTFE dispersion and an inert lubrication, both prior to and subsequent to braiding.

Vulcan VG8L can replace traditional packing in general, non-arduous duties, whilst being of superior square inter-braid construction. Consider that Type VG8L’s air-blown glass fibres are kinder to the shaft and you have a naturally square packing that will seal with less gland pressure, significantly reduce shaft wear and gland adjustment and thus increase packing life in light duties.

Type VG8L/VG8D standard spool length is 8 metres. Custom lengths can be available - please contact us using the form.

Applications: Type VG8L is a smooth, cool running packing for a wide variety of uses in a plant. Particularly useful on water and mildly abrasive slurries, solvents and chemicals in reciprocating and centrifugal pumps, mixers and valves. Vulcan’s alternative Type VG8D is the same packing but the inert lubricants are replaced by an increased PTFE dispersion. VG8D is designed as a valve packing that is also suitable for a variety of static or slow-moving applications up to 800 fpm (4 m/s).


  • Thoroughly Impregnated with PTFE dispersion
  • Designed as a Valve Packing
  • Suitable for a variety of static or slow moving applications up to 4 m/s
  • Significantly reduces shaft wear and gland adjustment

Operating Limits

  • Pressure Rating: 150 Bar
  • Rotary Speed: 4 m/s
  • Temperature: -40˚C to + 280˚C
  • pH Range: 2 -12

Limits are for guidance only. Product performance is dependent on materials and other operating conditions.

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