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Gland Packing

Type VM1/VM5

Aramid Gland Packing

Type VM1/VM5 Aramid Gland Packing

Vulcan Seals Type VM1 Gland Packing is a universal Paper-Mill and Sugar-Mill Gland Packing, made of a unique Aramidic composite fibre. This special fibre combines an exceptionally high tensile strength 380,000 psi (27,000 kg/cm²), outstanding heat resistance, linked to low friction and excellent cool running properties. This is a strong Thermoset fibre Gland Packing but it is also extremely soft, assisted by our exclusive, three-stage, lubrication process. The low-friction factor reduces abrasion to up to 1/10 compared to Aramidic fibres, giving high reliability and life, even in the most demanding of applications. VM1 is heat resistant and will not glaze, like usual Paper Mill & PTFE packing, even at high shaft speeds.

Type VM5 is a very similar product in more economical form. It will provide the same service but care must be taken not to over-tighten the gland nor starve the packing of product or flush lubrication. 

Type VM1/VM5 standard spool length is 8 metres. Custom lengths can be available - please contact us using the form.

Applications:  Universal Paper-Mill, Sugar-Mill and demanding application packing, that is white non-staining, with excellent chemical resistance and is suitable for Kraft processes. Easy to cut and install, fast to break-in and with low susceptibility to adverse conditions, at installation or in-use.


  • Easy to cut and install, fast to break-in and low susceptibility to adverse conditions
  • Suitable for universal Paper-Mill, Sugar-Mill, and demanding applications
  • Provides exceptionally high tensile strength and outstanding heat resistance

Operating Limits

  • Pressure Rating: 130 Bar
  • Rotary Speed: 20m/s
  • Temperature: -50˚C to +250˚C
  • pH Range: 2 - 12

Limits are for guidance only. Product performance is dependent on materials and other operating conditions.

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