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Carbon Graphite Gland Packing

Type VR4

Carbon Graphite Gland Packing

Type VR4 Carbon Graphite Gland Packing

Vulcan Seals Type VR4 combines and maximises the performance of Expanded Graphite and Graphite fibres. Expanded Graphite is the ultimate valve sealing material, but it may extrude or deteriorate, in more mechanically demanding, rotary applications. The addition of Pan Graphite fibres adds strength and increases heat dissipation, which further enhances the packing’s life and performance.

Type VR4 is square inter-braided, with the Pan Graphite fibres running from core to the corner posts, to give dimensional stability and to resist extrusion. The Expanded Graphite fibres are braided to the packing surfaces, to enhance smooth running and sealing performance. Vulcan Seals Type VR4 is THE Expanded Graphite Gland Packing for use in rotary applications. Shaft wear and gland maintenance are virtually eliminated, as the Gland Packing is self-lubricating and includes, passive, corrosion inhibitors.

Type VR4 standard spool length is 8 metres, aside from cross-section sizes 3mm and 5mm where the standard length is 30 metres. Custom lengths can be available - please contact us using the form.

Applications: Maximum capability, rotary Gland Packing, for an extreme range of duties, against virtually all chemicals and temperature conditions.


  • Virtually eliminates shaft wear and gland maintenance
  • Maximum capabilities, rotary Gland Packing, for extreme range of duties
  • High chemical and temperature resistance

Operating Limits

  • Pressure Rating: 300 Bar
  • Rotary Speed: 30 m/s
  • Temperature: -100˚C + 650˚C Inert
  • Temperature: -100˚C + 450˚C air
  • pH Range: 0 - 14

Limits are for guidance only. Product performance is dependent on materials and other operating conditions.

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