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Vulcan Seals Type 1633
Type 1633: Mechanical Seal for John Crane® Type R33

Key Features

  • Wave spring, set-screw driven, 'O'-Ring mounted Mechanical Seal
  • Designed to replace John Crane® Type R33*
  • Sinusoidal wave spring
  • Positively energised rotary ‘O’-Ring

Product Details

  • Rotary Seal: Sinusoidal Wave Spring, set-screw driven, 'O'-Ring mounted
  • Stationary Seal: Vulcan Type 24 DINL, anti-rotation pin slot
  • Designed to replace John Crane® Type R33* with 248X stationary seal

*Previously ROPAC® NORMOPAC Type U33

Design Benefits

  • One-piece, sinusoidal wave spring for higher resilience and reliability versus spot-welded wave springs
  • Stationary seal (Vulcan Seals Type 24 DINL) with an anti-rotation pin slot and compact working length allows for installation into equipment with standard metric housing sizes but shorter than L1K overall operating length
  • The rotary drive plate and seal head interface are designed to allow the ‘O’-Ring to be positively energised against the pump shaft. This provides a more robust sealing contact with the shaft compared to competitive designs
  • Also available with a stepped and balanced rotary seal as Type 1634 (to replace John Crane® Type 34)

ISO 9001 Quality Standards

All of our seal design, manufacture and assembly are produced to our own Engineering Standards and certified to ISO 9001.

Widest Range

We manufacture the widest range of OEM Replacement Mechanical Seals. We focus on eliminating the common faults found in original types through improved design, technology and material compatibility.

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