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Fast Solution for Classic Car Revival
Vulcan Type 73 used to revive a classic 1950s Sunbeam-Talbot® 90 Mk2A

Working with Customers

Dave Bamforth of the specialist car restoration and repairs company, Sunbeam-Talbot Spares (Barnsley, UK), came to us with their struggle of finding a suitable replacement Mechanical Seal for a water pump inside a 1950s Sunbeam-Talbot® 90 Mk2A (pictured, right).

Producing a direct replacement was one solution but the costs involved for us to manufacture a single bespoke seal was of course not viable.

Searching for a better solution, our technicians worked with Dave and on the same day we proposed a quick and minor modification to the car’s water pump. This allowed for the installation of one of our standard range, stock guaranteed Mechanical Seals: Vulcan Seals Type 73 (pictured, left).

Next day, Dave received the seal and the pump was soon fixed and running again without leakage.

This saved Sunbeam-Talbot Spares significant time and costs in restoring this vintage car, and will help toward future repairs of this sort.

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